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I have struggled for years with chronic bloating and stomach pains. I had a lack of energy and it aided in causing a lot of depression. I was unhappy with how I looked. I looked like I had let myself go even though I tried to be an active person. I went to the doctors for years having lots of tests but found nothing particularly wrong with me that would cause these problems. I was referred to Daniela by a friend. Although, I was a bit skeptical of how alternative It was, I gave it a go. Daniela was able to identify that there were harmful bacteria in my digestive system and was able to identify
which ones. She gave me homeopathic and herbal remedies. I was also put on a diet specific to the bacteria I had, in order to starve it all out.

I have never felt better! Daniela explained everything so well and made me feel comfortable.
I feel so much better in my own body with none of the pain issues that I had before. After years of suffering I cannot tell you how good it feels to have these issues behind me.

- Alan

I can’t put into enough words how much Daniela has helped me.

Daniela gave me an insightful and accurate diagnosis for the root causes of my chronic eczema.

I’ve had this condition since I was born, suffering with aggressive flare ups through out my life, some lasting as long as 1 year.  My arms and hands were severely affected, causing my skin to bleed from deep cracks. They would weep and constantly itch. As well as physical pain this had an immense negative effect on my emotional and mental well-being. No doctors were able to relieve my pain other than mask it temporarily with a dose of strong steroids, weakening my skin, causing the following flare ups to be even more viscous than the last.

Daniela found that my immune system had been intensely weakened by various parasites and bacteria living within me. Disrupting important bodily functions. Such as my gut, where I have suffered IBS and other digestive problems over the years. My inflamed skin was a direct sign that my overrun system was trying to fight these unwanted pathogens.

Incredibly, I experienced immediate relief from my treatment. Daniela’s constant support and belief in me played a huge part of my healing. Her kind and caring nature makes you feel safe and hopeful.

Daniela is extremely knowledgable and professional. I couldn’t recommend her more.

- T.Austin

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